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Cute Lily the Barbary Lion Cub

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

This cute litle Barbary lion cub is called ‘Lily’.   Lily is Belfast Zoo’s newsest arrival and she was born on June 3rd 2007 weighing a tiny 1.4kg.   In comparsion, her father ‘Qays’ is a whopping 300kg in weight.

Lily was unfortunately rejected by her mother soon after she was born, and has had to be hand-reared ever since by zoo keeper ‘Linda Frew’.

Lily the Lion cub

Lily the lion cub being bottlefed

Lily’s birth is very important, as Barbary lions are now extinct in the wild and therefore zoos are the only hope for their future survival.

Lily the lion cub

You can view more photos of lily below. 


Tiger uses house cat flap

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

Buster is an 8 week old Bengal Tiger cub.   His monther ‘Tikva’ left buster for dead in their pen at the West Midland Safari Park in Worcestershire, and was not feeding him.

Luckily for Buster,  the safari park veterinary nurse ‘Lucy Pearsall’ ,  has now taken Buster home where she is looking after him and her other  four domestic cats Pepper, Bubble, Sylvester and Oreo.

Buster the Bengal Tiger Cub

 Buster now weighs 17.5 lbs and uses Lucy’s house cat flap to get from her home out to her conservatory, just like her other cats do.

 Buster will now stay at Lucy’s house until he is big enough to return to the safari park.

Buster the Bengal Tiger Cub

Buster the Bengal Tiger Cub

Cutest 5 Week Old Ocelot Kitten

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

This gorgeous little cat is called Rio and he is a 5 week old Ocelot from Oregon Zoo.  This picture waas taken whilst he was having a checkup by the vet.   He looks so cute at this age,  but when he grows up he will weigh up to 40 pounds and up to 18 inches in height and probably not as friendly as your average domestic cat!

5 Week Old Ocelot Cat

You can read more about Rio and his family at the oregon zoo website.