Beautiful Bengal Baby

September 15th 2009 by Mark Singleton ( 6 Comments » )

Janet sent in this photo of one of her beautiful Bengal kittens.  This kitten is only 3 weeks old in this photo.  The kittens little ears are so cute.

Bengal Kitten

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Welly the Dog

September 10th 2009 by Mark Singleton ( 5 Comments » )

Our reader Nicola, sent in these great photos of her dog called “Welly”,  who is a 12 week old Bedlington Terrier Puppy.   As you can see from the photos Welly is a really cute puppy :)

Bedlington Photo 1

Bedlington Photo 2

Bedlington Photo 3

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Whiskey the Kitten

September 9th 2009 by Mark Singleton ( 1 Comment » )

Say hello to “Whiskey” the tortoise shell kitten.  These photos of Whiskey where sent in by her owners Gerard and Tanea, who said Whiskey is a very playful and mischeavous kitten and shes always on the move. 

Whiskey the Kitten - Photo 1

Whiskey the Kitten - Photo 2

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Cute Westie Puppy

September 8th 2009 by Mark Singleton ( 2 Comments » )

This cute puppy is Barnaby the Westhighland Terrier, whose owner Amanda took these great photos.

Barnaby the Westie - Photo 1

Barnaby the Westie - Photo 2

Barnaby the Westie - Photo 3

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Siberian Huskies in Brisbane

April 26th 2009 by Mark Singleton ( 45 Comments » )

These great photos are of Tikaani (on the right) and and Keela who are two beautiful Siberian Husky Puppies.   The name Tikaani means ‘Wolf’ and Keela means ‘Black Face’.   They both live in Brisbane, Australia, and as you can see Keela loves to play in the pool and get dirty in the mud!!

Cute Husky Puppies

Cute Husky Puppies

Cute Husky Puppies